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Stable Internet for civil engineering work

Cellular reception is often poor in basements, sewers and tunnels. At a certain depth, it breaks off completely. For construction and maintenance work underground, this means saving data locally on the tablet or smartphone and only synchronizing it via the company network when you return to the company.

Secure corporate WLAN is often weak or unavailable on site, for example because service providers are not granted access.

Our Internet Box is an LTE and WLAN suitcase that closes this digital coverage gap underground.

Advantages of the Internet Box

Cost-efficient and easy to use

Fast and stable network

Whether 10 or 100 meters down – with the Internet Box, employees have a fast connection everywhere.

With our Internet Suitcase, you can accelerate IoT and cloud applications even underground.

Assembly in a few minutes

Once configured by our experts, users do NOT need any technical know-how to set up the Internet connection. The setup is done in just a few steps: You place two router boxes, connect them – and the data transmission is ready.

Durable and weatherproof construction

Working underground places high demands on digital equipment. The LTE and WLAN case is specially designed for demanding environments. It is shockproof, dustproof and splashproof (IP66, IP 67) and can handle ambient temperatures from -40 to +75 degrees.

Cost-efficient, as completely mobile

Underground, employees do not always have access to the power grid. In that case, a solar generator can be placed in daylight and provide power for the routers. A CAT cable can be used to transport the Internet connection several hundred meters underground.

Mobiles Internet unter Tage
Mobile Internet underground

We support you in the selection and configuration of all components. Let us advise you.

Use Cases

Kanalarbeiten mit Internet

Sewer work

Technicians don’t have to sync their maintenance results from their company car or office first. They set up their mobile router above ground and take Internet at LTE speeds with them to their test site underground.

A massive time advantage and a prerequisite for taking advantage of opportunities offered by state of the art technology.

internet im bergbau


Digitization has long since arrived in the mining industry.

With LTE and WLAN from the Internet box, companies can deploy digital apps and smart security applications even in places where it is not profitable to set up a permanent WLAN infrastructure.

For greater efficiency of operations and more safety for employees.

Internetversorgung im Kellerbau

Basement construction

The massive concrete structures make cellular reception difficult in basements and industrial shafts. With our LTE and WLAN case, technicians still remain reachable.

They can use all applications of the company network via a secure Internet connection – for full data access and information exchange in real time.

Internet from the Internet box?
A productivity boost for construction site projects!

We tailor the equipment of the WLAN & LTE case to your requirements and preferences. WLAN and LTE routers as well as a CAT cable are always included. Optionally, you can add smart glasses, solar generator and solar panels. 

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