Mobile WLAN & LTE
for industrial plants

Fast network from the Internet box

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Full network coverage indoors and outdoors

Radio gaps on production sites make work more difficult. Sometimes the massive construction obstructs the company WLAN, sometimes the buildings are insulated for security reasons so that neither WLAN nor mobile communications penetrate the walls. Until now, companies had to invest in expensive special solutions to amplify the signals.

The cost of such technologies is high and uneconomical for many operations. Employees then have to make do with workarounds and often do without data connections in these areas.

With our Internet Box, you can cost-effectively provide blind spots with your corporate WLAN. The WLAN and LTE case also offers the perfect solution for high-security areas: Because Internet access can be controlled in detail and secured via VPN.

With the Internet Box, you reconcile efficient digital workflows with the highest security requirements.

Advantages of the Internet Box

Simple and cost-effective to use

Fast and flexible

The Internet Box’s LTE router delivers fast network, even in environments with poor cellular coverage. The WLAN router for industry provides white spots on the company premises with the usual high-speed Internet.


Once configured, users do not need any technical know-how to establish an Internet connection via the Internet box. With the Internet suitcase, you close white spots in your network coverage temporarily or permanently.


Provide Internet access to service providers and employees without risking the security of the corporate network. Connections via our Internet box can be configured granularly and protected via VPN.


Instead of modernizing the entire company network or installing new WLAN hotspots, Internet from the WLAN and LTE suitcase is the more cost-effective solution in many cases.

mobiles wlan auf industriegeländen
Mobile Internet for industry

We support you in the selection and configuration of all components. Let us advise you.

Use Cases

internet im hochregallager

(High bay) warehouse

High-performance Internet is essential in warehouse logistics: handheld scanners, machines and vehicles must exchange data with enterprise applications. Processing and inventory should be synchronized in real time with supply chain platforms.

Our WLAN and LTE case provides connectivity when conventional WLAN solutions reach their limits.

mobile internet versorgung für industrieanlagen

Industrial plants

In manufacturing plants, machine-to-machine communications are on the rise. Smart devices that provide real-time information to monitoring software are becoming standard equipment.

Industry 4.0 needs fast Internet connections, even in places where conventional WLAN is not sufficient and mobile hotspots are not an economical solution.

kraftwerksanlagen mit internet versorgt

Power plants

Structural protection measures are elementary for the safety of power plants, but can cause connection problems.

With WLAN and LTE cases, companies can bring Internet to isolated plant areas as needed, for example for maintenance work. All end devices can be connected to the company network via VPN for digital real-time data exchange.

Close the white spots in your Internet coverage. Arrange a demo call for the Internet Box.

There is practically no industrial use case in which the Internet Box cannot ensure Internet connectivity.
We equip each box individually according to our customers’ requirements, so you pay only for the equipment you need. You only want to use WLAN and no LTE? Do you want your box to be powered by solar energy? Are you planning to use smart glasses? No problem.

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