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Mobile Internet for construction sites and construction containers

Stable and fast Internet is essential for productive work on construction sites. Project managers need to send emails and blueprints. Cameras and IoT applications require access to the corporate network, and the trend toward BIM continues to increase data consumption.

The widespread solutions for bringing Internet to construction sites outside localities are far from ideal.

Frequently, companies use mobile hotspots. However, with poor mobile coverage and high data consumption, these quickly reach their limits and also pose security risks. Special solutions for temporary WLAN offer sufficient performance, but are uneconomical for most companies.

The Aleger Internet Box is a cost-effective and powerful alternative.

Advantages of the Internet Box

All the benefits of mobile Internet solutions, without exorbitant costs

Fast and stable network

The LTE router in the Internet case is specially designed for low network coverage. Where smartphones are already unable to establish a stable connection, the Internet Box keeps data transfer stable. With the WLAN router, users can easily relocate existing WLAN hotspots by up to 200 meters.

Assembly in a few minutes

The application of the Internet Box is plug and play.

You do not need any technical know-how. After the initial configuration, set up the two router boxes, connect them, and Internet access is up and running.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Weatherproof and durable

The Internet Box is shockproof, dustproof and splashproof (IP66, IP67). You can use them in almost any place, even in the desert or the Arctic. This is because it can tolerate ambient temperatures from -40 to +75 degrees and high humidity up to 90%.

Fully mobile

If a construction site is not yet connected to the public power grid, the mobile router can be powered using solar panels and a solar generator.

And thanks to LTE, you are independent of local Internet infrastructure.

Mobile Internet for construction sites

We support you in the selection and configuration of all components. Let us advise you.

Areas of application of the Internet Box

Site management

Employees on construction sites depend on fast Internet.

Even more so when companies want to use state of the art technology, such as smart glasses, IoT applications or digital construction diaries.

Construction container

Mobile hotspots are not enough to provide construction sites with high-speed Internet.

Our Internet boxes support secure VPN connections, which is essential for communication within the team and between site management and the client.

Authentication solutions

A simple solution to regulate access to industrial facilities and construction sites is digital identity checks via facial recognition or badge control.

The Aleger Internet suitcase enables fast connections and data synchronization via a secure VPN connection.

Perfectly matched to your requirements

The equipment of the Internet box depends on your requirements.
We support you in the selection and configuration of all components.
Let us advise you.

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