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Mobile Internet for demanding production environments

Industry 4.0 depends on high-performance Internet. IoT applications connect to the cloud, machine-to-machine communication relies on real-time data exchange, and technicians use smart glasses and tablets on equipment. The challenge: A lot of installed metal and security measures impair the stability of the classic WLAN.

Setting up specialized WLAN hotspots for production environments is uneconomical for most companies.

Our mobile Internet box offers both WLAN and LTE connectivity and is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated solutions.

Advantages of the Internet Box

Good reasons for WLAN and LTE from the Internet box

Safe and fast

The Internet Box is designed for high-performance data transmission according to current WLAN and LTE standards. For optimal security, users can choose to connect independently of the corporate network or to establish a secure VPN connection to the Internet.

Assembly in a few minutes

Users do NOT need technical know-how to set up the Internet connection. We support you with the initial configuration.

After that, it is enough to place and connect two router boxesdata transmission can begin.

Rugged, durable construction

The Internet Box is specially designed for harsh production environments.

It is shockproof, dustproof and splashproof (IP66, IP67) and is operable in ambient temperatures from -40 to +75 degrees.

Mobile and cost-efficient

Thanks to the LTE module, the box also brings Internet to remote production plants without a network connection.

And even if no power connection is possible, you can power the Internet suitcase with the help of a solar generator – and take it with you to the next production facility.

anlagenbau mit mobilem internet
Mobile Internet in plant engineering

We support you in the selection and configuration of all components. Let us advise you.

Use Cases

anlagenbau montage mit mobiler internet infrastruktur


Digital tools are part of the everyday life of mechanical and plant engineers.

Whether they are configuring smart devices at the customer’s site, documenting their work or using digital instructions – they need fast Internet.

With our Internet Box, they take it with them on every mission in a handy case.

anlagenbau support mit ar brille


Companies looking to reduce support costs are turning to remote support. Technicians connect via AR glasses or tablet and are shown the problems directly on the machines. Internal technicians can use virtual tutorials to fix simple errors themselves.

A prerequisite for the smart solutions is fast Internet, which is also available in previously poorly covered company areas thanks to WLAN and LTE suitcases.

anlagenbau wartung mit digitalen geräten


Fast network is not only a prerequisite for IoT applications, but also simplifies manual maintenance.

Ordering spare parts with a click from the machine, documenting results digitally, retrieving information from central company systems – with the WLAN and LTE case, you create the basis for up-to-date maintenance processes.

Mobile Internet for Industry 4.0
Get to know the Internet Box

Could the Internet Box be the right solution for your business?
We tailor the equipment of the box to your individual requirements, and the configuration of the WLAN and LTE router is based on your use case and security needs.

Let us advise you.
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